Is there a better time to insure?

To liken this to real estate, the credit insurance market in the UK is still very much a ‘buyer’s market’.
What we mean by this is that there has never been a ‘better’ time to buy.

We just want to quantify what we mean by ‘better’.


Credit Insurance pricing for many is still at historically low rates, with generous structures being offered.

The market is likely to ‘harden’ and we are seeing some signs in certain sectors of this already happening.

However, competition in the market is keeping underwriters keen and now is a great time to review your risk management.

Cover Levels

The pandemic has inadvertently forced many businesses to smarten up their MI and forecasting, and as a result, these are being shared more frequently with Risk Analysts. This updated information is allowing underwriters to assess more in ‘real-time’, which is enabling better underwriting decisions.

Coupled with some ‘aggressive’ new business stances from insurers, we are achieving some incredible levels of cover.


We have seen a HUGE uptick in claims over the past quarter, and reporting of overdues is at an all time high.

With the myriad of external pressures from inflation and energy price rises, to the sector specific issues such as material and labour price increases, the next 12-24 months are going to be very challenging.

Many insurers and economists are forecasting a surge in insolvencies as debt burdens increase and the full effects of the past couple of years takes its toll.

If there was ever a time to review your current policy, it is now.

If you don’t currently insure, now is the perfect time whilst pricing is competitive and cover levels are high.

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