New Credit Insurance Website

Abacus launches new Website amidst growing demand.

At such a challenging time economically and politically, the need for stability has never been greater.

As the Credit Insurance market is seeing a large uptick in overdue payments and claims, the amount of new enquiries that we are seeing, is at record levels.

To make things easier for new clients, we have streamlined the content on the site, so as not to overwhelm them with ‘insurancey’ info from the off.

We have also added a ‘Chat’ functionality, whereby a prospective client will be able to chat to a broker, in real time.

You should be able to see it just down there ↘️ at the bottom right of your screen!

Invoice finance calculator

Enquiries for funders

As we work with the majority of the funders in the UK market, we have decided to formalise our process to allow funders the ability to access their own page, where they can request prospect limits and receive formal feedback, along with keeping an accurate count on how many enquiries have been submitted to us at any given time.

This process should enhance turnaround times, and also improve the overall experience for funder and underwriter, as the information provided will likely be enough not just to look at limits, but also to provide ‘ballpark’ terms and pricing for your prospect/client.

If you are a funder and would like to request access – please EMAIL US.